Monday, 30 March 2009

Tim's the man

Calling all Equity members:
Tim Gale at Equity is the person to contact if you have a question about employment law affecting actors. He will take on any company or Film School reported to him and fight your corner.

He has had many successes from companies that claim not to have a budget for actors. This budget miraculously appears once he applies some pressure!

You CAN make a stand. The balance is slowly tipping in our favour. But at the moment, the government is rather slow at taking this issue seriously.

Here's something that you can do right now to get things moving:

If you see a job advertised that isn't paying either the National Minimum Wage or the correct Equity rate, then report it to Tim. This applies to TV, Film and Theatre.
Tim needs as many reports of National Wage Law abuse as possible to build up a case to take to the HMRC to get them to look at this in more detail. They need to see how bad this is and a whole stack of examples will do the case huge favours. If Equity can get the weight of government behind them then they will be impossible to ignore.

Lastly, if you have been ripped off recently by a company and you feel that you want to take it further, Tim would be happy to advise you on taking them to an Employment tribunal. Not many people are taking this route at the moment and Tim would like to see more.

Know your rights and make some noise!

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