Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another letter, perhaps?

Hi all,

If you're mad about this article too them e-mail The Stage at:

Ask them if they are going to do a similar article from the actors' point of view. It is a paper that champions the actor, is not? The same paper that doesn't go out to review any show now that has a run of three weeks or less?

I don't want to close down all fringe venues overnight. It won't happen. Creativity springs from these places. Sometimes the braver choices don't get the funding. There wouldn't be time to go after every group that wants to break out and do something different and that's a good thing.
What I don't want to see if the Fringe Theatre brand de-valued by producers jumping in with no budget, no plan and no direction.
The venue must be paid. Do you see any theatre manangers saying "oh go on then, it's such a groundbreaking piece- you can have the venue for free".
Being creative is our JOB. We shouldn't be afraid of that. What we don't want is to go back to a time when only the rich could afford to be in this profession.
E-mail them now!


Whilst you're still fuming!

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