Friday, 28 August 2009

Still fighting

Sorry it's been a little while since the last post.
Rest assured that there are lots of people still working hard for change.
I've become a committee member on the Equity Midlands Area Committee and will use my influence to lobby on this issue whenever I get a chance. (Thanks to those that voted me in on the strength of this issue and what I intend to do about it).
I know a lot more people who are thinking twice about working for nothing which is great. Education is the key. Raise this issue whenever you can- in the pub, at rehearsals...
To those that think that I am trying to curtail their personal freedom, then I say, feel free to do what you like. If it's your belief that you should be able to work for nothing and to hell with other people- just rememeber that whatever you do in life has repercussions on everyone else. Think hard about how that portrays you as a person and professional and whether that's who you really want to be.
Me? I'm leading by example. And that doesn't just mean not taking unpaid jobs. I've set up a not-for-profit film initiative that has, at it's core, an ethic that all participants are paid for their time.
As an experiment, we've already shot one short film and are proud to say that everyone has been paid at least (and sometimes more) than NMW. We're busy raising funds and you'll all know about it in due course. Hopefully some of you will work for me in the future! (though I've got first refusal on the 30-something female roles!)

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