Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Thanks for all your support

Well, it nearly happened.
I got nearly 1000 votes and with a couple of hundred more I would have got on Council.
Ah well. Equity has a ruling faction called the Representative Group who will always vote for eachother. They will deny this, saying that they are just banding together to work for the greater good within the Union and continue to think for themselves.
So why have factions?
Isn't that what we're all doing- thinking independantly and working for the greater good? Why do we need these silly groupings? Block voting doesn't do anything apart from keep certain members elected. Once any party or faction starts to think about purely getting elected, it's not doing its job properly.
I really don't want this to turn into some sour grapes type of rant. I truly hope that the new Council act in all our best interests. The Rep Group have decided that they need some new blood and have elected some of the new Young People's Committee onto Council. It's a step forward- I voted for them too.
Now that the Rep Group are more "out in the open" thanks to the Equity forum I think that there will be many more members watching with interest how things pan out. If the Rep Group want my vote next time then they had better be sure that they work for it. I'm sure that no-one would want members to look at the Rep Group and associate it with the old, stuffy outdated image of Equity and avoid ticking a Rep Group box.

There's still much I can do within the Midlands Area Committee and, with the arrival of the new No/Low Pay leaflet, there's a lot of publicity we need to embark upon. The new leaflet has a much better tone and I think it's a step towards the modern professional image that Equity should adopt.

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