Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The message is getting across...

The Arts Council have suspended unpaid work advertisements and are reviewing how they advertise these posts in the future.
Together with high profile news stories about unpaid work throughout the creative industries we're making a difference.
The rogue employers better start worrying. Small collaborative projects still have little to fear, as long as you are working with like minded people that are purely in it for the creative gain. I still think that you're better off finding a budget before you embark on such projects but I know it's not always possible. (Been there, done that, written the book, got the t-shirt...literally...)
As I've said before, I intend to keep lobbying Equity Council to set up a working party to see how they can protect the Fringe from the NMW legislation. To be honest, I think that the Fringe will carry on regardless, below the radar. What I and many others want to see is a strengthening of Equity's position on NMW so that, ultimately, Equity is a force to be reckoned with again. It's already happening. Let's keep it up.

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  1. ArtsJobs are now are now using a new and improved jobs vetting system which may well go a long way to educate or dissuade some posters from putting up unpaid posts.
    This is a great step, as there is so much ignorance out there, even now.